Ark: Survival Evolved Remaster Delayed

3 min read

Game developer Studio Wildcard has announced that the highly anticipated remaster of Ark: Survival Evolved will be launching later than initially planned. The release window for the remaster, now known as Ark: Survival Ascended, has been pushed back to October 2023. Additionally, the game will be available in “Early Access” until late 2024.

The remaster aims to bring the beloved Survival Evolved experience into the next generation with an overhaul utilizing Unreal Engine 5. However, the team at Studio Wildcard has encountered challenges while working with Unreal Engine 5.2. This has resulted in the delay from the original August release window to October.

“We’ve found it challenging working with Unreal Engine 5.2, but at the same time, it is incredibly exciting. We’re discovering new ways each day to push the technology to the next level; combined with the work needed to support a fully cross-platform-moddable game ecosystem on consoles and PC, it’s clear that we’ll need a bit more time,” Studio Wildcard explained.

While players eagerly anticipate the remaster, Studio Wildcard has devised a plan to keep them engaged during the Early Access period. The game will launch with an initial discount of $39.99 later this year. Throughout late 2023 and 2024, various maps, including The Island, Scorched Earth, Ragnarok, and Aberration, will be rolled out to further enhance the gameplay experience.

As a result of this new timeline, the dedicated servers for the original Ark: Survival Evolved will now be closing on September 30th instead of the previously announced August 30th date.

“We had initially planned to ship with more content on Day One, but that won’t be happening, so we’re adjusting the launch price accordingly. We know you really want to get your hands on ASA, and we appreciate that support and enthusiasm. We’re going to do our best to work hard to make sure that we can deliver a tremendous next-gen ARK experience that meets both your expectations and our own,” Studio Wildcard expressed.

The development team is committed to showcasing gameplay close to the launch of Ark: Survival Ascended. They believe that this will be the best representation of the final product and are urging fans to stay tuned until then.

While the delay may disappoint some fans, the extra time taken by Studio Wildcard to perfect Ark: Survival Ascended is a testament to their dedication to delivering an exceptional gaming experience. Players can now look forward to embarking on their next-gen ARK adventure in October 2023